In 1979, Carlos Salinas founded the Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC) for Filipinos aspiring for a future in the merchant marine field. Today, PTC has emerged beyond crew management to offer an integrated value chain of services that include Marine Management, Education & Professional Development, Energy, Logistics, Healthcare, Offshore Processing, Property Development, Microfinance, FamilyCare Program, International Professional Placement, and Information & Communication Technologies.

Now called the PTC Holdings Group and with all hands-on deck, the passion and commitment to provide world-class PTC-branded professionals resources and services that develop communities, nation building and moving forward still thrives.

A wholly owned subsidiary, PTC Agency and Transport, Inc. (PTCAT), was established in March 1991 as an independent end-to-end logistics company that covers the entire stretch of the Supply Chain.

In the 90's, PTCAT was awarded general shipping and port agency appointments by bulk vessel principals in transporting lumber and wood products worldwide.

Decades of this endeavor earned PTCAT the expertise in client care, vessel and freight management skills, cross-border transportation and regulation awareness and the cognizance of the ancillary trade and commerce savviness that comes with the business.

Today, PTCAT is known for its vastness of expertise in the field of supply chain management, domestic & international freight management, and shipping & maritime servicing.

Fortified by long relationship network partners foreign & domestic, the PTCAT service skillset enables cost and turn-around-time order fulfilment end-to-end.