In 1979, Carlos Salinas founded the Philippine Transmarine Carriers (PTC) for Filipinos aspiring for a future in the merchant maritime field. Today, PTC has emerged beyond crew management to offer an integrated value chain of services which include Marine Management, Education and Professional Development, Energy and Logistics, Healthcare, Offshore Processing, Property Development, Microfinance, Family Care Programs, International Professional Placement, and Information and Communication Technologies.

With all hands on deck, the PTC Group is passionately committed to provide world-class PTC-branded professionals, resources and services that develop communities, help build nations and move the world.

One of the wholly-owned subsidiaries of PTC, PTC Agency and Transport, Inc. (PTCAT), was established in March 14, 1991 as an independent end-to-end logistics provider, covering all facets of the cargo transport industry, from Chartering to Ship Agency, from Ocean to Air Transport, and from Customs Brokerage to International & Domestic Freight Forwarding.

During the 90's, PTCAT was appointed as the general shipping and port agency representative for majority of the gear-bulk vessels transporting lumber and wood products worldwide. Over the past two decades, PTCAT has gained vast expertise in the fields of client care, cargo distribution and vessel handling related services.

Presently, PTCAT is well known for its Port Agency and Crew Handling Services, catering to more than 90 foreign principals worldwide.

As your Freight Partner, PTCAT utilizes its global network of agencies in creating links between the manufacturer and the end-user.

With a wide sales network of service partners in over 80 countries, our global connections provide our customers with immediate response times for their queries and accurate over view on the required delivery schedules.

Since then, PTCAT has expanded its horizons by providing not only ship husbanding and agency services within the PTC Company but also other allied services covering transport and logistics in the maritime industry.